Corporate Overview

Target offers high-quality, on-trend merchandise at discounted prices in clean, spacious, guest-friendly stores and through its digital channels.

Target headquarters, Minneapolis

who we are

our guests

  • Median age of 40
  • Median household income of approx. $64K
  • Approximately 43% have children at home
  • About 57% have completed college

Target Corporation contacts

  • Main Number (612) 304-6073
  • Media Relations (612) 696-3400
  • Investor Relations (800) 775-3110

consolidated financial summary

All amounts in millions, except per share amounts, and unless otherwise noted, amounts refer to continuing operations.

Target Corporation

$73,785Sales in 2015

Net Earnings / (Loss)    
Continuing operations$3,321$2,449$2,694$3,315
Discontinued operations42(4,085)(723)(316)
   Net earnings / (loss)3,363(1,636)1,9712,999
Diluted Earnings / (Loss) Per Share    
Continuing operations$5.25$3.83$4.20$5.00
Discontinued operations0.07(6.38)(1.13)(0.48)
   Diluted earnings / (loss) per share5.31(2.56)3.074.52
Average Common Shares
Outstanding, Diluted
(a) Fiscal 2012 was a 53-week period, compared with a 52-week period in fiscal 2013 through 2015.
(b) For 2012, includes sales generated by our retail operations and credit card revenues.

Stores and Team Members

1,792Total Number of Target Stores in 2015

U.S. Stores1,7921,7901,7931,778
Team Members341,000347,000346,000356,000

sales increases

1.6%Total Sales in 2015*
2.1%Comparable Sales in 2015*
total salescomparable salestotal salescomparable sales
Full Year*1.6%2.1%1.9%1.3%
* Total sales decreased approximately $550 million due to the December 2015 sale of our pharmacy and clinic businesses. Pharmacy and clinic sales for the comparable period following the sale to CVS Health are excluded from the comparable sales calculation.

good to know

#25 Target is on DiversityInc's "Top 50 Companies for Diversity."

We're a member of the 100,000 Jobs Mission, a pledge with other top companies to hire 100,000 veterans by 2020

29 Target’s ranking on Fortune’s World Most Admired Companies List