Corporate Overview

Target is an upscale discounter that provides high-quality, on-trend merchandise at attractive prices in clean, spacious and guest-friendly stores. In addition, Target operates an online business,

Target headquarters, Minneapolis

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who we are

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Gregg Steinhafel

our guests

  • Median age of 40
  • Median household income of approx. $64K
  • Approximately 43% have children at home
  • About 57% have completed college

Target Corporation contacts

  • Main Number (612) 304-6073
  • Media Relations (612) 696-3400
  • Investor Relations (800) 775-3110

consolidated financial summary*

Target Corporation


Net Earnings$2,999$2,929$2,920$2,488
Net Earnings Per Share, Diluted$4.52$4.28$4.00$3.30
Average Common Shares
Outstanding, Diluted663.3683.9729.4754.8
* all dollar amounts in millions, except per share amounts

Target Stores (Fiscal Year End)

1,778Number of U.S. Stores2012

Number of U.S. Stores*1,7781,7631,7501,740
Number of Employees361,000365,000355,000351,000
* Through 2012, all of Target's stores were located in the United States. Target began operating stores in Canada in March, 2013.

sales increases - U.S. Segment

5.1%Total Sales
2.7%Comparable Store Sales
total salescomparable-store salestotal salescomparable-store sales
Full Year5.1%2.7%4.1%3.0%

* The fiscal 2012 fourth quarter and full-year periods ended February 2, 2013 were 14- and 53-week periods, respectively, compared with 13- and 52-week periods in 2011. The extra week has been excluded from the comparable-store sales calculation.