Business Conduct Guide

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Target Corporation is committed to conducting business lawfully and ethically. Every team member is obligated to act at all times with honesty and integrity. We expect you to bring good judgment and a sense of integrity to your business decisions. While it is not possible to list all policies and laws to be observed, or all conflicts of interest or prohibited business practices to be avoided, this Business Conduct Guide serves to detail the corporation’s expectations for team member conduct and helps team members make the right decisions. Team members are expected to know the corporation’s policies and comply with them.

Table of Contents

Here's what you'll find in the Business Conduct Guide.

  • A Message to Team Members
  • Our Purpose & Beliefs
  • About this Guide
  • Commitment to Compliance & Ethics
  • You Play A Crucial Role in Reporting a Concern
  • We Work Together To Make Our Teams Better
    • Dignity and Respect
    • Hours and Wages
    • Communications
    • Workplace Safety

  • We Act With Integrity To Move Target Forward
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Company Assets
    • Securing Information
    • Intellectual Property
    • Anti-Bribery

  • We Aim High To Serve Our Guests
    • Credit and Financial Services
    • Product and Food Safety
    • Guest Privacy
    • Responsible Advertising
    • Fair Competition

  • We Do Our Part To Make Our Communities Better
    • Protecting the Environment
    • Political Activities & Lobbying
    • International Trade

  • We Are Transparent To Maintain Shareholders’ Trust
    • Financial Integrity and Reporting
    • Insider Trading
    • Third-Party Standards
    • Waivers

  • What to Expect When You Call the Integrity Hotline


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